Oral Camera


Oral camera

spectacular solution with which the patient understands the situation

The oral camera is basically a miniature camera, with the help of which the colour pictures taken of the teeth and other parts of the mouth can be seen on the monitor of a tv.

  • It helps your dentist to discover alterations located in the back, or possibly not visible to the eye.

  • The patient can see for herself about the condition of her teeth fillings, and prostheses—the four times enlarged pictures tell a lot.

  • The fillings and the margin closures and ruptures of the prostheses can be detected at an early stage, so later, more severe alterations can be prevented

  • It is visible o the patients too that holes have a bad prognosis usually: at this stage, they often have to be root treated or the tooth has to extracted. Decays like this have been developing for months or maybe years, still, the patient does not notice them until the problem is grave and the surface of the enamel has been broken. With the help of the camera, your doctor can detect these decays and can make them visible to you too.

  • The preventive treatment saves you money, time and pain, the pictures of your teeth may incite you to take better care of them, and your idea of your health may broaden—all these factors can save you precious teeth in the long run!

  • With the pictures taken at the condition survey, your doctor can easily explain to you what to treat and how. This prevents later insecurities and arguments. If we offer several treatment options, you can choose more easily, more competently in the topic, based on your experiences.