Dental surgery


Dental surgery, dental hygiene—the dentistry of the future in everyday life

Dental surgery procedures

Most patients do not consider dental surgical procedures painless. We would like to prove that painless dental surgery treatment does exist . Of course, prevention is still the most important factor, that can prevent such an amount of pain and inflammation that can only be cured with serious medical treatment. Our clinic does not specialize in dental surgery. However, preparing fillings and implantology procedures require expertise that our dental surgeon colleagues can provide us. Dental surgeries that require general hospital conditions (for example, hip bone implant or oral surgery) are not performed in the clinic.

General fields of dental surgery treatments:

  • Painless tooth extraction

  • Removal of wisdom tooth

  • Root tip amputation (resectio) and curette

  • Root removal

  • Cist surgeries

  • Implantology, tooth implant installation

  • Implantology related maxillary sinus lift surgery, bone replacement

Painless dental surgery procedures:

With the help of the modern anaesthesis techniques and materials of today, fortunately even the treatments regarded as unpleasant can be conducted perfectly painlessly. Thanks to the high quality equipment and devices, the duration of the treatment and the healing process after it decreases to the minimal.

Temporary bridge after tooth extraction:

It is possible for the patient to leave the dental office with a temporary bridge or temporary dentures right after tooth extraction. This way, he does not lose precious hours or days in his work, or with family or friends.

Ultrasound calculus removal, dental hygiene

Preventing gingival necrosis and periodontal diseases is a highly important task. Regular, professional tooth cleaning with ultrasound system sustains a healthy, inflammation-free gum and a stable, revived parodontium even in senior years.

Fields of parodontological treatments:

  • Ultrasound calculus removal

  • Air-Brush—gentle tooth whitening

  • Treatment of loose teeth

  • Treatment of gingival necrosis

For the sake of regular dental hygiene treatment and sustaining, we offer special dental hygiene packages in our clinic at a special price. Regular cleaning is not only important for the health of your hum and teeth, but also for nice breath and aesthetic appearance.

  • Air-brush natural tooth whitening in every quarter of a year

  • Complete tooth cleaning in every quarter of a year

  • Complete tooth cleaning half a year