Maximal sterility in the dental office

Maximal sterility in the dental office


For us, the protection of our patients as well as our doctors is of the utmost importance, so we are extremely careful when sterilizing our machines and equipment.

  • For sterilization and disinfection, we only use chemical desincifietns and antiseptics that are accepted by the ISO standard and that have a safety record.

  • We clean our equipment before sterilization in an ultrasound cleaning system that can lo be found at bigger hospitals and university laboratories.

  • Our hand equipment an surgical tools are sterilized in high pressure autoclave that works with high temperature gas, and that provides the highest level of sterility.

  • We store the sterile pieces of equipment foiled one by one, in sterile packaging, avoiding the possibility of a later inflation

  • Our tools are also sterilized with excellent quality antiseptic liquid, that also has an ISO qualification, thus eliminating all bacteria, fungus, virus and toxoplasm