Pain Free Treatments

Ease yourself in with Virtually Pain Free Treatments

To those who haven’t visited the dentist recently, the idea of pain free dentistry may seem like a dream. However, at Dental & Health on Clarendon, that dream is a reality. We have the latest technology available to keep our clients comfortable throughout.

With the latest virtually pain free treatment technology, The Wand, we can now administer anaesthesia with little or no pain. The Wand is a computer controlled anaesthesia application system that completely numbs the part of the mouth that needs to be treated, in order to deliver the anaesthesia for the treatment.

This enables us to use less anaesthetic which can reduce the feeling of numbness in the face, lips, and tongue after the treatment. Pain is typically caused from the pressure of the anaesthetic entering the tissue of the gum. In order to eliminate pain, we first apply anaesthetic cream on the surface that needs to be treated. Then, we apply The Wand. This computer controlled device taps the anaesthetic into the gum gently at a controlled rate. This numbs the tissue before the full anaesthesia is administered.

With its superior numbing effect, you should experience pain free dentistry.

As part of our treatment, we also offer distractions to settle you. Our in-chair TV offers you a way to watch the the movie of your choice. You may even forget that you are visiting the dentist.

If pain free dental treatment appeals to you, but still need more encouragement, we also have nitrous oxide gas that will calm you once you sit in the chair. This will help you relax and make the experience very comfortable.

With the highest standards of comfort and care experienced while delivering the finest results, Dental & Health on Clarendon is at the forefront of the dental health industry.Our professional and friendly staff are happy to answer any of your questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us on +967 01 602408.