Removable prosthesis, complete dentures


Removable prosthesis, complete dentures


We offer solutions for those patients, for whom fixed prosthesis (bridge) cannot be made because of the small amount of teeth left. This problem is frequent in older ages. Many people are desperate, thinking that they have to live without teeth. At this age, there is an even higher need to chew the bites, since the stomach and bowel system can only function well with that. Many elderly patients suffer in serious illnesses the bowel system simply because of lack of teeth.

Aside from the restoration of healthy chewing ability, aesthetic and youthful appearance and a harmonious smile is equally important for the senior generation. Which grandchild would not like to have an always smiling grandpa or grandma?

Complete and partial removable prostheses are very diverse. It is safe to say that almost every patient can be recommended different options, based on the number and location of remaining teeth. We often combine removable prostheses with fixed ones (for example, bridges), as well as implants.

The planning of removable prostheses requires great concentration, and usually the consideration of several options. Several solutions can be available for the same dental status, according to the needs and financial options of the patient.

In case of complete lack of teeth:

1. simpler case: Complete lower and upper set of teeth (14 – 14 dentures)

2. more complicated case: Removable dentures, combined with implantation

  • The set o dentures can be fixed onto the implants, providing excellent hold

  • It has to be removed only when cleaning

  • Good solution in a case when a fixed circular bridge cannot be made even based on implants, because of severe tooth decay

In case of partial lack of teeth:

1. simple removable dentures:

  • In the case of prostheses with a simple snap, the remaining teeth do no necessarily need to be covered with crown – and polish is not necessary, either

  • The anchor snap is unfortunately visible, so perfectly aesthetic prosthesis cannot be done

  • The stability of this kind of prostheses is weaker, because the teeth loaded with a snap can looses in time

2. combined, hidden anchored dentures:

  • The combined, removable prosthesis with hidden anchors is aesthetic, and the fixation of the prosthesis is invisible

  • Stable, well-functioning prosthesis that does not harm the remaining teeth

3. telescope anchored dentures:

  • If only 1-2 teeth are left, the best solution is telescope anchored dentures

  • Thin metal (gold) caps are put on the remaining teeth – primary telescope crowns

  • According to the teeth, inner metal telescope cps are made and put into the prosthesis – these are secondary telescope crowns

  • we get a perfectly aesthetic prosthesis, since nothing suggests any kind of metal part inside the teeth that keeps the se of dentures in its place

  • The telescope anchoring provides excellent hold, despite the small number of remaining teeth.