Laughing gas sedation


Laughing gas sedation - Conscious sedation

Conscious Sedation: A kind of inhalation sedation with nitrous oxide with keeping the patient’s consciousness –also called laughing gas- which helps against anxiety while the dental treatment is done.

Nitrous Oxide:  Colorless, sweet-tasting gas with a pleasing smell when inhaled (also called “laughing gas”), used to help patients relax during treatment. While not technically a form of anesthesia, the distraction and relaxation of the patient usually helps to reduce the discomfort of the procedure.

In order to overcome fear and oppression, the patient is asked to inhale nitrogen oxide gas in the course of the treatment.





Induces a kind of relaxed condition, therefore discontinuing oppression and fear. The patient may feel a slight stiffening in his limbs. Feeling of pain is still working, therefore local anaesthesia is required. However this is done under the influence of the gas.

Preliminary checkup:

We have to measure your blood pressure and monitor your pulse and oxygen-saturation with pulzoxymeter


Not to be given to pregnant women. There is no other contraindication. May also be used for children. Please do not eat 3 hours before the laughing gas sedation, you just can drink a small amount of water.

Side effects:

No side effects, does not cause sickness, headache or dizziness.

Period of time it may be used:

No limit in the length of time set, it may be used as long as the treatment requires.


After the treatment the patient is asked to sit down in the waiting room for half an hour, though it is done so for safety reasons only, the patient is able to leave without an escort. The patient may drive.

NOTE! Please do not eat and drink –only a small amount of water- 4 hours before treated with laughing gas!
We are monitoring your heart rate and the oxygen saturation of your blood by a pulseoxymeter clipped onto your finger. So we will need one of your fingers without nail polish and acrylic nail!