Occlusal Equilibration

What is it? Why do I need it?
Occlusal equilibration is the mechanical adjustment of your teeth, dentures, fillings, or other appliances to a position which allows your lower jaw to function as a natural hinge in relation to your upper jaw reducing needed tooth structure to assure that all teeth fit together with equal pressure on all teeth and surfaces. This allows you a better chewing surface and comfort. There are many reasons why teeth and jaws do not occlude (meet) in a comfortable position. Some of them are: numerous fillings or bridges over period of years, orthodontics, developmental defects, oral surgery, trauma, malocclusion (poor bite), bruxism (grinding ones teeth), and clenching. 
Your mouth is being equilibrated because some problem exists; i.e. pain, abnormal wear, breaking of restorations, or other situations. The problem is usually present because your teeth and/or fillings do not meet in harmony with your lower jaw at a proper position. The teeth and fillings have not worn in properly.
We approach occlusion adjustments in a very conservative way. In most cases we will make minor adjustments, then if you still have discomfort we will re-adjust until you have the comfort and chewing capability we are trying to accomplish.
Your comfort as well as your ability to chew is important to us!