Home Use of Fluoride in Trays

Home Use of Fluoride in Trays Because of your high need to prevent or control dental decay (caries), or to reduce tooth sensitivity, it is recommended that you use specially custom-fitted trays containing fluoride each day. These trays will prevent new decay almost totally and will slow down currently present decay, as well as desensitize sensitive tooth root surfaces. You must be consistent in carrying out the following procedure daily just before going to bed:


1. Cleaning Methods:

A. Brush and floss your teeth well.

B. Use the described special cleaning methods we recommended:

  1. Place about six drops of Hoyt Prevident into each tray, spacing the drops equally. This is a medication requiring a prescription. If you run out, please tell us so that we can give you a new prescription.
  2. Place the tray(s) into your mouth, seating them completely.
  3. Expectorate (spit out) the excess fluoride.
  4. Let the trays and fluoride remain in your mouth for five (5) minutes.
  5. Remove the trays, wash them out with water and place them upside down in a convenient place to let them drain out and dry before the next use.

2. After fluoride use:

A. If you are living in an area that has fluoride in the drinking water, rinse your mouth with water, expectorate, and go to bed without eating.

B. If you are living in an area that does not have fluoride in the drinking water, you do not need to wash the excess fluoride out of your mouth. Expectorate the excess and go to bed without eating anything.


You should continue this therapy for