Infection Control

To reduce the chance of cross-contamination of disease from patient to patient, we take these important measures:
    1.     Face Masks:
                  All of our staff wear facemasks during active patient care. These masks prevent the spread of bacteria.
    2.     Rubber Gloves:
                  New gloves are worn for every patient, and disposed of immediately after their one and only use.
    3.     Disinfection of Counters and Other Office Surfaces:
                  This standard health and sanitation procedure is performed routinely after each patient visit in every operatory and throughout all public areas of our office.
    4.     Equipment Sterilization:
                  Items attached to each dental operatory —handpieces, air blowers, suction, etc.- are disinfected by heat sterilization. Our practice proudly meets and exceeds all OSHA regulations for operatory equipment sterilization. 
    5.     Continuing Education:
                  We are very conscious of the fact that health-threatening viruses, bacteria, and other conditions are constantly changing and evolving into new, sometimes more virulent strains. We are absolutely committed to intensive continuing education by which we remain current, informed, and capable of state-of-the-art patient protection.